The Importance Of SEO For Driving Traffic To Your Local Website

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Local SEO Is It Worth It?

If you think telling your retail store or business customers to visit your website will drive traffic, you’re mistaken. Because in the first place, you’ve built a website to expand business, not satisfy the existing ones with an online presence! You seriously need to consider SEO, i.e. search engine optimization.

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Website owners often wonder whether investing in a website was actually worth the money. This happens to every website owner who plan to expand their business by setting a website and thus, expecting their brand to reach out to a greater audience. However, just giving a good template and jazzy flash animations can hardly help. Though the web designer might have promised you that all those visiting the website will not go empty handed because of his creative backdrop, you need audience to visit your website for that! If the audience doesn’t even know about that you’ve a website, how will they visit?

Search engine optimization is a technique which employs the use of keyword rich content to get your website on top of Google rankings. Search engine optimization is a form of online promotions which aims to get a client’s website among the top 3 searches on Google. It is highly recommended for all those who have a website and are struggling to get any form of traffic on it. An SEO in Newcastle Company can ensure the desired number of people on your website daily. SEO promotions are quite reasonable, and the entire incoming traffic can be measured according to the source it is coming from. By installing a simple application, you can even monitor the incoming traffic and calculate your return on investment very easily. With the use of such tools, attributing the number of incoming traffic to your SEO in Newcastle Company becomes easy, and thus, you can know the effectiveness of the search engine optimization firm.

The benefits you will accrue after hiring an SEO in Newcastle?

* Reportedly, 90% of a website’s traffic comes via Google. It’s vital that you have your website listed on Google and other leading search engines.

* Google is widely preferred because it shows up results exactly matching the keywords entered by the user. For example, if the user wants to buy Nike Predator Shoes in the suburb of Bandra in Mumbai, India, he will search ‘Nike Predator Bandra buy’ and the search engine will show up all the dealers of Nike Predators in that region. Search results are displayed as per the will of the user and that’s why users trust search engines for buying anything and everything.

* 95% of people click on the top 3 searches displayed by Google. The remaining clicks are distributed between the remaining thousands of websites! It’s vital for you to be present in the top 3!

As you can see, search engine optimization is the order of the day. Without going in for SEO services, no one can beat online competitors. It is important to remember here that the internet serves a global platform and though it might give you a wider audience base, it increases competition manifolds! There are competitors from across the world selling the same product! Due to free shipping offered, people don’t even mind purchasing from a foreign store and that’s why it can serve as a competition to you.

Make sure your website is listed on the top 3 pages on Google. SEO in Newcastle Company can help you achieve your dreams and drive more and more traffic to your page.

Apart from being highly reasonable, it offers the following advantages:

* Greater brand visibility:

The online platform is cluttered with several competitors vying for the same spot. Everyone wants a share of an audience, but it goes only to those who know how to market themselves well. With the help of a good search engine optimization company, you can ensure greater brand visibility for yourself. Look at firms like Nike, Pepsi, etc. They’re big because they’re visible in the market. Even you can be as big, just by making sure you’re visible to as many people as possible.

* Effective brand building:

By being visible, you can carve a name for yourself in the public’s mind. Researches reveal that just being a known name can work in your favor when a shopper is out to purchase a product and is confused between two untried brands. He will pick up the one which he has seen/heard about.

Imagine how beneficial an SEO company in Newcastle can be in your brand building activity. They can spread your name everywhere on the internet by providing back links, submitting articles for your company on article submission and PR directories, drive quality traffic to your website by the use of keywords.

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Celebrities And Business

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Glamour world has always been a driving force for marketing any commodity. A Brand is an important asset of a company and who represents your brand is very critical. Celebrities are often projected as a trust symbol for the brand. Sometimes endorsements are done as part of complete makeover of the organization with new services and commitments. Yes, here we are talking about the celebrities who are becoming the brand ambassador of various products. An endless range of products are being endorsed by renounced celebs starting from a pen to expensive cars.


Endorsement game is not only limited to  the film stars , high profile models or the television actors , it has spread its wings to the most popular sport in the world that is cricket . Yes, cricket that resides in the heart of every second Indian has made its place even in the marketing sector, the players like Virat Kohli who promotes products from tooth brush to luxury automobile and is striding towards the Rs.100 crore club endorsements, the captain of the Indian cricket team M.S. Dhoni endorsing real estate projects play a huge role in positioning the name of the brands in the minds of the

In India itself, celebrities showed up in nearly 27 percent of ads in 2015. And the real estate industry is no exception. If an ad has a celebrity as part of the message, the potential of their product to reach the consumer’s consciousness accelerates manifold. Moreover, a celebrity can help build brand equity. When Amitabh Bachchan or Sachin Tendulkar appear in real estate ads, the project is certainly going to benefit as the celebrity’s equity tends to rub off on both, the developer and his project. Celebrity endorsement also helps an advertisement to stand out from the clutter thereby improving ad recall. So if you want to highlight a unique feature of your project, a celebrity can effortlessly make that feature a talking point amongst the target audiences. . Not all celebrities fit with all brands.


To keep it simple, branded homes are houses associated, designed or endorsed by celebrities, as well as renowned international and domestic brands and architects. This gives the project visibility and acceptability among buyers who associate their homes with their favorite brand or celebrity. Celebrity architects, brand ambassadors, and interior designers are all means of distinguishing your projects form the run-of-the-mill kind.

While most condominiums and villas these days have elements of modern design, technology, specialized services, the buyers of branded homes are usually attracted by the glamour attached to such projects. They typically belong to the high-income bracket; some relatively less expensive branded homes are also available, though, where the target audience is the upper-middle class.arrows-1229853_1920

Real Estate projects, on the other hand, are very high involvement purchases. The chances of consumers finalizing their property purchase decision based on a celebrity’s presence are very weak. A smart homebuyer will certainly look beyond the celebrities’ charisma to verify other project related issues like legalities, project deadline, quality work, payment and other such factors.

If the developer does not meet the yardsticks of quality, price and delivery, no amount of celeb value will influence the buyer’s decision. In the ultimate analysis, a real estate developer’s brand name plays the most significant role, besides other aspects. The consumers have come of age and no amount of celebrity endorsement can woo them if the project lacks substance.

Celebrity endorsement is one of the strongest marketing tools for the realty sector to project itself and pull desired eye balls for their projects and to create unique brand identity in the

Nevertheless, initially celebrity endorsements help in grabbing attention but a smart buyer always enquires about the previous record of developer in terms of quality work, deadlines, payment schedule, legalities and other factors which may impact their transaction. And so here we are celebrities does influence a large audience but a smart buyer always do calculative booking for their dream home.…